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EAMTRADIO – The Place 2B!

GET the FREE Android App at Google Play Store. Click on “Google Play.”  Have you thought of becoming a talk show host or DJ? Now…is the time!  Start immediately!  Operate from the comfort of your home…  A technician will come to your home for the set-up.   Set-up includes technician, website, flyer at an initial cost of $100. Monthly fee of $50 to broadcast “live.”   Talk about … Read More EAMTRADIO – The Place 2B!

Voices of a Generation Telethon-2019

Your music story…how did it impact your life?  Is it worth two dollars or more…?     Does seeing this picture make your remember playing an instrument?  What if that experience were denied you?  Fact: Music is no longer available in many public schools.  Give two dollars below to help buy music lessons with our safe PayPal account.   Did you use the school’s … Read More Voices of a Generation Telethon-2019

The Location

Educational Arts Society reaches across Detroit, neighboring communities and the world to “create a smile with music”…    The Building in Detroit Music Lessons for All Ages in Voice, Piano, Saxophone and Many Instruments       Contact:    Across the Street from the Ninth Precinct Police Dept. @ Gratiot & Gunston   Parental Waiting Room    The Conference Room   The Snack Room  … Read More The Location

Partnering with children in performing music and art around the world. . .

Keeping the memory alive by creating musical “smiles with music” worldwide …     UMME Federation of Proteges … a Subsidiary of Educational Arts Society   The Federation consists of proteges and music lovers of  those musicians who were unsung, but today are honored and appreciated for their musical contributions as  horn players of Motown … that incredible sound that changed the world …  … Read More Partnering with children in performing music and art around the world. . .

Using cores values as the foundation to teaching positive life direction …

A child models the core values taught and seen in life experiences ….  Educational Arts Society has a “Three-Step Approach” to teaching positive life direction … Children ask themselves three questions …     Who am I?   Where am I going?   How am I going to get there?           Core values are an essential element …   A Three-Step Approach … Read More Using cores values as the foundation to teaching positive life direction …

Touching the Hearts of Seniors

One of the wisest generations in the twenty-first century, are seniors, which many cultures have labeled “thrown-away.”       Saxophonist Duane Parham admires their experience and honors their wisdom …   Parham’s visits are eagerly awaited and appreciated.  He also feels a sense of gratitude when he sees the expressions on their faces as he enters the auditorium.   Music is the medicine of soul.  … Read More Touching the Hearts of Seniors

Placing Instruments in the Hands of Children

“The best thing I did was place a saxophone in the hands of my boys!”     When supported by love, discipline and accountability, children find playing an instrument enables them to “mix” more effectively with others and increases their self-esteem. Educational Arts Society is devoted to giving every child who expresses the desire to earn an instrument the opportunity to do so.   … Read More Placing Instruments in the Hands of Children