Value/Character-Building Classes

 Value & Character-Building Classes

Parham’s Academy of the Performing Arts (PAPA) will strike a balance between the development of an artistic skill-set and basic life values that develop and broaden the student’s capacity to express discipline, confidence, courage, patience, persistence and perseverance–the three “Ps.” They will be guided to discover and answer the questions Who Am I?  Where Am I Going? and How Will I Get There?   Questionnaires and exercises allow them to delve beneath the surface of thought and discover the inner self.

  • Students work one-on-one at their own pace and in group sessions.
  • One-on-one classes are in one-hour increments, and are held weekly at a minimum.
  • Group sessions are two-hour monthly sessions.
  • The program entitled A Three-Step Approach to Life Direction will be downloaded on the  laptop of each student with each student having his own individual copy.   His answers and responses are private, and are only shared with his teacher unless he chooses to share them with others.
  • Group sessions allow students to share and discuss feelings, life choices and day-to-day decisions without judgment.
  • Students actively participate in group discussions if and when they feel comfortably doing so.



  • Individual classes cost $25 per 60 minutes.
  • A one-time fee of $7.99 purchases the Three-Step Program.
  • The first hour is devoted to the basic value class and the following 30 minutes to professional skill development on the student’s respective instrument.


Program Implementation:

Teachers will undergo training on A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery much in the same way as students.  The  length of the program is six weeks, but it’s completion is more or less determined by the pace each individual chooses to advance. 

Procedure for Teachers:

  • Purchase of the program for $7.99 and download on computer.
  • Each one-hour weekly lesson costs $25.
  • Lessons may be taught via phone or Skype. 
  • All questionnaires and exercises will be completed.
  • At the end of the course, determination will be made by the evaluation process whether the person is ready to teach the class to someone else. 

Procedures for Students:

  • Each student will purchase and download the program on a home or school computer.
  • Students with home computers may elect to receive instruction via phone or Skype.
  • Value classes are in one hour increments and cost $25.
  • Skill-set classes are 30-minutes in duration and will be taught at PAPA.




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