It takes a community …

Investing in the arts encourages  empathy, compassion and beauty–beauty that reaches beyond the surface of thought, but touches the fringes of soul.   We could not reach our goal without the involvement, dedication and energy of hundreds of donors.

Top Supporters – $500+

Sponsor  GetItHere60 – $2500

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The Mike Morse Firm – $500


“Giving back” is at the core of  “winning” for the Mike Morse Law Firm.  From over 30,000 backpacks given to Detroit and Flint children to literacy programs at Bookstock in Livonia … “Mike Wins.”  We are proud to be on his team.

Gold Contributors – $5+

Mamie & Celestine 3

To the hundreds of supporters who gave encouragement, spoke a kind word or placed checks of  $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200 in our hands, we humbly thank you.  From inception to the present, you saw the vision and “climbed aboard.” 

Bonnie Mamie & Cathy

COO Dr. Smith embraces two Gold Supporters …each year they stand up for kids by standing up for the arts. Cathy Zucker and Bonnie Abiko

Instrument Contributors  In-Kind Gifts

$50+ in Value


We honor the many contributors who created and broadened a “child’s smile” by donating a used or new instrument, may the melodies and harmonies of life surround your thoughtfulness and good will.

Contributors – $1+


We appreciate your $25 gift cards that supported refreshments to attendees during fundraising events. 

Melaleuca contributes to “creating a smile with music.”  We appreciate you …   Monthly Donation- $3.51



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