Theatre Curriculum

Theater Curriculum

Sam’s ClubThe Educational Arts Society’s Theatre Program aims to aid each child in developing theatrical skills, learn life lessons, achieve self-esteem and empower him to grow in a unique and intensive environment.  Not only will it enrich the lives of student, family and community in building cultural awareness, but will give each student a sense of joy, happiness, patience, empathy and an appreciation for beauty in all forms.


Theatre Classes – Ages 8 to 18

  1. Acting, Vocal Performance & Musical Theatre Dance
  2. Promotes Excellence in Public Speaking, Self-Esteem, Confidence & Personal Skills
  3. Fundamentals – Acting, Improvisation, Singing & Dance



Student Motivation:

  1. Annual Theatre Presentation for Parents & Community
  2. Annual Art Exhibitions
  3. Visits to Local Art Galleries
  4. Attendance of Theatre Performances
  5. Lectures & Interaction with Local Artists


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