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One 30-Minute Lesson $25.00                    One 30-Minute Lesson for One Year  $300
Two 30-Minute Lessons $50.00                 One 30-Minute Lesson for Six Months $150

Three 30-Minute Lessons $75.00 
Four 30-Minute Lessons $100.00 


Notice of Policy Change

To New and Former Students:

Beginning July 1, 2017:

All 30-minute lessons are $25.00 per lesson and must be paid on a monthly basis through our safe PayPal account a week prior to the scheduled lesson.  You will receive a receipt for your records at the time of payment.  Lessons will begin once payment is received.   Each payment is due the first of each month.

No refunds will be given for student-canceled lessons.  All teacher and student-canceled lessons will be re-scheduled and made-up.  Students must notify the Academy 24 hours in advance to cancel a lesson.  If for some reason the regular teacher is unavailable, a substitute will be provided.

This policy change cancels all previous arrangements.

Conferences for student-progress by parents will be arranged at a time other than before and after lessons.  This allows teachers to stay on schedule.

Counseling of student falls under the course “A Three-Step Approach to Life Direction” at a cost of $50.00 per two-hour session and time and payment must be made one week prior to session.  See the link below.

Instrumental Students Only

Students using Academy instruments must purchase their own mouthpieces, reeds, etc. and return instrument(s) to the Academy when they cease taking lessons with the Academy.  After successfully completing one (1) year of study with the Academy, the student chosen  instrument(s) will be given to the student(s).   Instrumental students must be at least TEN (10) years old.  Pianos and drums as gifts, are excluded for all students.  Keyboards, Drum Pads and Sticks are received in lieu of drums and pianos.  Children should be at least 10 years old to take instrumental lessons.

  FREE Lessons are given to piano and voice lessons only To receive a keyboard, a commitment of one year of study at the academy must be completed.  A minimum of ONE (1) lesson per month is required.

At this time, no FREE instrumental music lessons are given by the Academy.  Lessons cost TWENTY- FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) per 30-minute session.  Parents and students must commit to two (2) lessons per month for one (1) year in order to receive a FREE instrument.

Parham Academy Music Lessons

This payment button is for non-free music lessons: Each lesson is $25.00.



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