Talk Ten Pay Ten!

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Talk about yourself, business or organization on E. A.M.T. The Place 2B for 10 minutes and pay TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) weekly or monthly.  For each ten minutes aired, you pay ten dollars.  EAMTRADIO is a world wide online station and is in over 30 countries… and growing.  Also, EAMTRadio is carried by several sister companies like Tune-in. Delicast and Google+.

Presently, Wednesday is the day “Talk Ten, Pay Ten” occurs, but we are open to suggestions.

Payment is required before each commercial is aired.  You may use our safe, easy PayPal account by clicking here.  If you do not wish to set-up a FREE PayPal account, you may use your credit card instead.

Once Monthly – $10.00

Weekly – $40.00 – Four Times

Working together…we can accomplish much!




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