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Create a Smile with Music: That is exactly what this guy does. And . . . he creates smiles worldwide, because he is Percussionist Carl Small of “The Four Tops.” You know . . . the internationally-known group from Motown. SMILES COME IN TWO WAYS Carl (Butch) Small wears at least (2) hats: Percussionist for the internationally renowned group known as “The Four Tops” … Read More CREATE A SMILE WITH MUSIC

Remembering Motown

Motown Music Changed the World… Step back into time and view the musicians who left a legacy…”the Motown sound.” The man who did it all…Berry Gordy Jr.

Embracing Children in the History of Motown Music

  Making the sounds of Motown, the echos of today …  Reaching out to a new generation about the rich music history of Detroit … listen to the sounds of the 1970s…     As heart-warming as the many Motown songs are … they are incomplete without the instrumentation–without the horns of musicians who were never honored–musicians like the ones listed below … Maurice … Read More Embracing Children in the History of Motown Music