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The video below is the daughter of Nikola Dimitrov, author of “The Four-in-One Gospels of Jesus.”  He will be a guest on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith in the near future.

 Nikola is a minister and charity worker in the country of Bulgaria, a country where the average person has an income of $250 monthly.  He expressed a strong desire to have his daughter study voice professionally, but funds were not available, . . . Educational Arts Society made a donation to begin the process. 

Your donation would help us continue helping children in America and internationally.


Hey, Dear Dr. Mamie,

Miki sang infant of close to 1000 people (if not more) yesterday evening, in a nearby resort, where her teacher managed to arrange her. The people listening were just bystanders and tourists from all over, most of them totally NOT interested, but that was a great experience for her, to fight off apathy and indifference and overcome the stage fever. I think she did VERY WELL, considering.
Here’s her Bulgarian song:
This is just a report, since You helped us start the Music lessons, for which I am forever grateful. The teacher suggested she studies not only singing, but also Solfeggio, which would add to the cost, but help her create music herself, from the melodies that come in her own head. So, we will appreciate if other people would like to sow into this project.
Thanks again.




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