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 Parham’s Academy of Performing Arts was created to help aspiring artists in music, art and theater achieve a balance between the development of a professional skill or career and the accumulation of basic values that lead to positive life choices, goals and direction.  Too often, these basic values are sacrificed for skill and career emphasis.  Thus, youth develop academically and professionally, but lack the self-esteem, confidence, discipline, persistence and perseverance needed to see the completion of a task or life journey.    Parham’s Academy of Arts (PAPA) has as its motto:  “Change Thought Patterns, Change Experiences!” and focuses on achieving that balance between mental growth and skill or professional development.  Each must grow side-by-side for the individual to reach the heights of happiness and success.  Our curriculum will give equal time to value and skill development.  


There is an identity crisis facing American children and families today.  Never in the history of this country, have basic values been so severely challenged.  Mental health problems are at alarming rates, substance abuse is rampant, teens face mental and physical abuse from relationships, the number of runaway youths continues to climb and combined with all of that, are enormous educational and employment deficits.  We believe the following objectives will bridge the gap between basic values and skill-set development:


  • To equip each student with the tools to get in touch with himself/herself.
  • To evaluate oneself by delving beneath the surface of thought and seeking honest answers to difficult questions.
  • To discover the importance of respecting and appreciating oneself irrespective of how others perceive you.
  • To discover if one’s self-assessment parallels with goals and objectives he sets for himself.
  • To break the link that connects negative family history with individual success or failure.
  • To aid in the recognition that basic values involving integrity, justice and a deeper sense of lawfulness are forces that lead to self-worth and self-respect.
  • To discover that success in goal-setting and goal-achievement are inextricably linked to self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • To aid in out-lining and executing the pathway to self-discipline, commitment, persistence, courage and perseverance.
  • To enable each student to use both artistic ability and value system to guide his life choices and direction. 

Turn your desire to learn music, art and theater into action!

  • Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Dance Movements
  • Vocal Production
  • Music Production
  • Pro Tools Concept
  • Critical Thinking 

Educational Arts Society offers private and group lessons in art, music and theater—designed to be both sequential and comprehensive.  Private music classes will consist of voice, piano, guitar, woodwinds, brass and percussive instruments. 

Art classes follow the basic  principles of art, (thinking imaginatively, drawing, painting, sketching) technical artistic skills, art history and portrait and abstract works of art.

Theater classes begin with the fundamentals of acting, improvisation, singing and dancing and advance to play-writing, play-making, technical theater and directing.

Overall, students can expect to become creative, expressive, collaborative and disciplined through the distribution of historical facts, group discussions, panels, lectures and interactions, role-playing, drawing, painting, playing instruments, listening and identifying musical compositions, studying and producing art forms and active participation in plays, musicals and art exhibitions.


Classes teach students how to parallel chosen skill-sets such as music, art and theater, with basic values such as discipline, responsibility and courage that promote individual growth in both areas.  Required exercises will connect the two together consciously as well as subconsciously.   To this end, a program entitled “A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery” will be used in conjunction with private and group lessons in music, art and theater. 

From September to June, all classes are held after school, beginning at 4:00 pm and ending at 8:00 pm.  Summer class schedules are five days weekly from 10:00 pm to 2:00 pm. 


  • Music, Art & Theater Classes  –  $25 per 30 Minutes
  • Three-Step Classes – Program Cost – $7.99 (one-time cost)    $25 per 60 minutes
  • Grants will be used to assist students unable to pay for classes.
  • See Information below for FREE classes.

What Targeted Youth Will EAS Serve?

 The targeted youth for this educational program will be boys and girls from ages 6 to 18 who have the ability to pay for services and classes, those who can partially pay and those who are unable to pay.  All students however,  must reveal interest, commitment, discipline and the inclination to develop key life-skills, build self-esteem and artistic awareness and acquire skill and proficiency in music, art and theater.  

 How Will Students Be Selected?

 Students are selected from contacts made through local community organizations, schools and churches, statewide outreach, referrals and contact applications via the EAS website: .  Later, a website for the school will be set-up.    

The selection process includes parental contact and interview, youth interest and commitment, consistency in attendance and responsibility and “special needs “ individuals.

Curriculum Development:

Individual Classes:

Basic classes consist of one-hour value class and one-hour skill or professional class.  Each student works through the Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery program individually, at his own pace, under the guidance of his teacher the first hour, and proceeds to artistic skill development the second hour as a minimum – one day weekly. 

Presently, all classes are conducted in the area of music due to availability of teachers and students, but will expand to art and theater as resources are forthcoming.  However, value classes are available for any student or individual. 

Group sessions will be held on a monthly basis. 

Program Implementation:

Teachers will undergo training on A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery much in the same way as students.  The  length of the program is six weeks, but it’s completion is more or less determined by the pace each individual chooses to advance. 

Procedure for Teachers:

  • Purchase of the program for $7.99 and download on computer.
  • Each one-hour weekly lesson costs $25.
  • Lessons may be taught via phone or Skype. 
  • All questionnaires and exercises will be completed.
  • At the end of the course, determination will be made by the evaluation process whether the person is ready to teach the class to someone else. 

Procedures for Students:

  • Each student will purchase and download the program on a home or school computer.
  • Students with home computers may elect to receive instruction via phone or Skype.
  • Value classes are in one hour increments and cost $25.
  • Skill-set classes are 30-minutes in duration and will be taught at PAPA.

Students of the Annex to the Parham Academy of the Performing Arts

Classes Begin – May 6, 2017

Letter to New Student & Parent

 Dear Ms./Mr. _______________,

We are delighted to have you as a student at the Annex to the Parham Academy of Performing Arts.  Your skill, talent and desire to learn (piano/voice/instrument) are admirable.  We look forward to working with you and your (Mom/Parents) and assisting you in achieving the artistic goal you have set for yourself.

Classes will begin May 6, 2017 and your scheduled time is (TBA).  We look forward to meeting you at 11725 Glenfield, Detroit, MI 48213 at that time period.  You may use our safe and convenient PayPal account for payment of TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) per thirty-minute session by going to

If arrangements have been made with the Annex to receive FREE lessons, you will receive FOUR FREE lessons with donations made at your convenience.  Please expect to find continued financial support from another source after the four free lessons have been exhausted.

Students given FREE lessons for the first (4) lessons should find support from churches, organizations, businesses or other means.  Parents will become volunteers for Educational Arts Society—a support system, and make donations to the organizations when possible if no other financial system is in place.

Your teacher will be (Dr. Mamie Smith) and you may contact her

Books and assignments will be discussed during the first lesson.

Thank you for joining us.

Educational Arts Society President, Walter D. Parham


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