Music Curriculum

20140604_140243_3Music Curriculum

 Ages 6 to 13

The Parham Academy of Arts will focus on four musical concepts—pitch/tonality, rhythm/meter, form/structure – (i.e. old versus new formats) and expression—restriction versus freedom.

Students will explore these concepts through a variety of means, including playing instruments and creating digital compositions and arrangements.Children musicgroup  They will also study works of the Masters, discriminating between musical form during various time periods and performing them in recitals and group interaction.

Ages 14 to 18

 Students will continue to explore the four music concepts with more advanced methods and techniques, but will add the fundamentals of music theory that include building blocks of music, instruction in triads, discovering chromatics and part writing.

Music history will be an essential ingredient is building knowledge and understanding of music, its derivation and transformation from early centuries until today.Students Pictures 3


Students of the Annex to the Parham Academy of the Performing Arts

Classes Begin – May 6, 2017

 Letter to New Student & Parent

 Dear Ms./Mr _______________,

We are delighted to have you as a student at the Annex to the Parham Academy of Performing Arts.  Your skill, talent and desire to learn (piano/voice/instrument) are admirable.  We look forward to working with you and your (Mom/Parents) and assisting you in achieving the artistic goal you have set for yourself.

Classes will begin May 6, 2017 and your scheduled time is (TBA).  We look forward to meeting you at 11725 Glenfield, Detroit, MI 48213 at that time period.  You may use our safe and convenient PayPal account for payment of TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) per thirty-minute session by going to

If arrangements have been made with the Annex to receive FREE lessons, you will receive FOUR FREE lessons with donations made at your convenience.  Please expect to find continued financial support from another source after the four free lessons have been exhausted.

Students given FREE lessons for the first (4) lessons should find support from churches, organizations, businesses or other means.  Parents will become volunteers for Educational Arts Society—a support system, and make donations to the organizations when possible if no other financial system is in place.

Your teacher will be (Dr. Mamie Smith) and you may contact her at (phone number) or (email).

Books and assignments will be discussed during the first lesson.

Thank you for joining us.

Educational Arts Society President, Walter D. Parham

Please contact us with questions, comments or instruction.  Use the Contact Form below:

Comments or questions are welcome.


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