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Educational Arts Society is dedicated to touching the lives of children and individuals worldwide.  We are not funded by any state, federal or foundations of any kind, but rely on donations, fundraising projects and sale of merchandise to help us serve others, so any donation is greatly appreciated.  Students need help!

June 29, 2017 (Note)  Miki lives in Bulgaria.

WOW, thank You, Dear Dr. Mamie, for the donation. It will certainly help. The teacher we contacted for Miki, is an Opera singer, and she has offered us a good price. She is also a piano player, so for one session, which lasts about 2.5 hours, she wants $15, which is a very good price (she proposes one such lesson a week, so $60 a month). All is happening in her home, like private lessons, so it’s from the comfort of home. I will send You a video when I can, so You can actually see her.
Thanks again. That means much to me. I just shared it with Miki and she is SO GRATEFUL too.
Could You send me the link on Your website where You will post Mike’s video? Thanks.
Hey, Dear Dr. Mamie,
How are You?
My daughter Miki just went on her first music lesson and here’s her teacher (I taped her without her knowing, so I posted the video on YouTube, but with the Hidden option, so only You can see it: Towards the end of the video You can her the teacher singing herself.
Just wanted to Thank You again and to let You see the teacher – how emotionally charged she is. It is a great experience for Miki.
Thanks again.

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