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If you are an individual, organization or business and have an idea, profession or concept that you are passionate about . . . let the world know about it!  Get your own hourly talk show host radio show, four times a month for $100.  Organizations have a monthly fee of $200.  If you desire a one-page website, a one-time fee of $100 is required.  Experience is not the key factor because experience comes with “doing .”   Check-out the newly developing station . . .  get in NOW before prices increase. 


  1. Pay the monthly fee. 
  2. Secure a FREE account with
  3. Read and sign the Contract Agreement. 
  4. Contact via contact page or for questions.


The Duane Parham Show – Sundays – 6pm – 9pm

Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith – Sundays – 5pm-6pm

Thursdays – 7pm – 9pm – Master G



Tuesdays – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Key of Gee

Gisele Caver2

The World Renowned Comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick  Gregory

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Mr. Gregory Appeared on the EAMT RADIO


Before making a decision, think about the answers to the questions below:

1.  What kind of a show are you interested in broadcasting? Music? Talk?  What is the show about?  Subject matter?

2.  What day and hour would you want to broadcast the show?

3.  Do you have listeners to follow the show (not necessary, but a plus)?  Would they follow you into a new show?

4.  Are you content with  4-taped shows? 

5.  Can you send us mp3’s of the shows?

6.  Are you satisfied with donating to Educational Arts Society $100 monthly for your show?

7.  Do you realize that any money you make from your show in the form of sponsors or commercials belongs totally to you … not the station?

8.  When would you like to start a show?

9.  Station Editing:  $60 per show.

10. Copies of Shows: $60 each.

11.  One-Page Website – One-time fee $100.

Review the Contract Agreement:  Click here.

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