Documentary: The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire

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The documentary, THE UNSUNG MUSICIANS OF THE MOTOWN EMPIRE, will provide appreciation, entertainment and education of the historical musical contributions made by the horn players of Motown.  These musicians have not been formally recognized or honored for helping create the “Motown sound.”  Without them, the sound would not have the worldwide acclaim that it enjoys today.  The documentary listens to their voices (many who are no longer with us) hears their cries and feels their appreciation.  Audiences will love stepping back into history and mentally hearing the sounds their instruments made.  Trailers of the documentary can be viewed on Youtube.

This documentary is making its way into public libraries across the metropolitan area and is anxious to find a viewing place in your library, school, home or event.

Detroit Main Library100_9981

Detroit Main Public Library

 On July 11, 2015, patrons of the Detroit Downtown Public Library viewed it and on August 22, 2015, it visits the Kalamazoo Public Library.  December 10, 2015, Rochester Hills will salute these legendary musicians by hosting it there.  We have scheduled viewings at the beginning of 2016, so climb aboard and take this musical history journey with us.

Length of Documentary:  1 hour

  • Demographics:  Adults & Children 8 years and above.
  • Needs: Viewing Room, Screen & Projector – CADL
  • Marketing – Jointly by CADL & EAS
  • Date:  Saturdays, Month of October, 2015 (12pm or 2 pm) or Availability

Kalamazoo Library Small

Kalamazoo Public Library

What People Are Saying About the Documentary

To get the documentary in your home, school, event or library, contact Dr. Mamie Smith COO of Educational Art Society @


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