How to Add EAMT Radio App to Your Phone for Androids and iPhones


This information takes you to the EAMTRADIO station.

  1. Click on link or picture sent to you, it takes you to the EAMTRADIO site.
  2. Once on the site, look to the top, right corner and locate three (3) small lines that resemble a square, click on them.
  3. The next page will be a list of names across the top of the page.  The first name is “HOME,” the second name is “APPS.”
  4. Click on “APPS.”
  5. The picture is what the EAMTRADIO APP looks like.
  6. Below, select the link that identifies your phone: Android or Apple.
  7. Click on the link for your phone.
  8. The next page is the APP.  Click on the word “Install” at the top right corner.
  9. Once installed, click on “OPEN.”  It should be on your desktop.
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