Community and Business Alliance Program

Millennials 2The key to developing a progressive and successful community, involves forming an alliance between community residents, businesses, organizations and law enforcement–an alliance where each entity merges its benefits, obligations and growth patterns with the remaining three to reach a common goal.  Neither can successfully stand alone.

Educational Arts Society seeks to become the catalyst for forming such an alliance.  Thus, it is forming a “start-up event” with the purpose of developing a coalition between the four entities and surrounding communities that will aid youth in the development of artistic and basic value skill-sets which lead to educational, environmental and financial growth for everyone.   The goal is to improve the lifestyles of community and residents that aid youth in making positive career choices, setting meaningful life goals and establishing sound relationships.  How do we do that?  The first step is to decide what those goals are,determine how they relate to each group and how to achieve them.  Initial steps may look like this:

  • Plan for the long-term.
  • Identify community priorities.
  • Design projects.
  • Mobilize resource investments.
  • Implement community development projects.


  1. Contact businesses, organizations, residents, law enforcement, youth and surrounding communities.
  2. Solicit the number one objective each entity deems as viable to a thriving community.
  3. Hold meetings to discuss methods of achieving those objectives.
  4. Identify leadership in each category.
  5. Schedule a “start-up event” to begin the process.


Event Proposal:

Educational Arts Society awaits a decision by the City of Detroit Event Department to approve this proposal so that we can:

Invite local businesses, residents and organizations to promote their wares by setting up tables and tents from 10 am to 4 pm on June 16, 2018 and hand out marketing and promotional materials.  No sales will take place at this event.  Its purpose is for networking and discovery.


Channel 4 30-Minute Commercial – $1000

Outdoor Canopy Tent – $300

Sound Equipment – $500

EAMT Radio & DJ – $400

Flyer/Posters – $200

Postage – $100

        Total:  $2600.00


  • Educational Arts Society Set-up One 10x10x15 Portable Event Canopy
  • Businesses Provide Own Tents, Tables & Wares
  • Contact 9th Precinct Police Department for Safety Monitoring (Across the Street)
  • Contact Church on Corner for Participation.
  • Invite Youth Via Community Youth Organizational Leadership
  • FREE Bottled Water and Cookies
  • Businesses and Organizations Provide Marketing Tools to Visitors
  • EAMTRADIO.COM Provides Music and DJ –  EAMT The Place 2 Be!


Partner with 3 to 5 Non-Profits for Promotion and Customer Attendance.

  • Partners Promote Own Mission at No Cost
  • Partners Must Show Proven Marketing Skills
  • Clean-Up All Participating Partners





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