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Voices of a Generation Telethon – 2019

This is the third year Educational Arts Society will hold the “Voices of a Generation Telethon” for underprivileged children who are talented, responsible and yearning to play an instrument or learn to sing.  Each year donations increase…this year our goal is to raise TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR ($2000.00) asking donors for a minimum of two dollars.  We know there are one thousand music lovers out … Read More Voices of a Generation Telethon – 2019

Fresh Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Your Fresh Christmas Wreath – $59.95   It’s that time again … time to fill your house with fragrance, beauty and the “Christmas spirit!”  This year, you will be able to purchase several gift items. View the list.   Are you ready to purchase because you want to help a child’s heart fill with joy over his new musical instrument? Your small gift purchase … Read More Fresh Christmas Wreath Fundraiser