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“The Fused State” GROV “GT”

Groove with GROV Tune-in Mondays at 6 pm to 8 pm on eamtradio for the “The Fused State Show” with DJ Grov “GT” Tigue IV! Hear thoughts and ideas that can be life-changing and life-progressive. The Show seeks to provide a pathway for youth engagement and youth development–a way of “paying it forward.” Ideas and concepts will be examined, scrutinized and reshaped into a … Read More “The Fused State” GROV “GT”

Voices of a Generation Telethon

Engaging music lovers, artists and entertainers in reaching out to young artists aspiring to become entertainers or music lovers, is at the core of the “Voices of a Generation Telethon.”   Educational Arts Society echoes the message world wide: “We need our youth to carry on the legacy of music … contribute to that legacy…” This video is a connection to … Read More Voices of a Generation Telethon

Year-End Donors – Are You One?

  Music touches the inner spirit … every child has it.     The rhythms of life are gifts to the world, coming in many shapes, sizes and minds.  Let us fertilize those rhythms so that they sprout into melodies that last forever … As we approach the end of year 2018, we reflect on the many “offerings of kindness” bestowed on Educational Arts … Read More Year-End Donors – Are You One?

Embracing Children in the History of Motown Music

  Making the sounds of Motown, the echos of today …  Reaching out to a new generation about the rich music history of Detroit … listen to the sounds of the 1970s…     As heart-warming as the many Motown songs are … they are incomplete without the instrumentation–without the horns of musicians who were never honored–musicians like the ones listed below … Maurice … Read More Embracing Children in the History of Motown Music