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Martin’s Dream:

Martin’s Dream is a poem and video written and produced by Duane Parham. It urges Americans to keep the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. alive! Many do so…increasing voter rights, civil rights, criminal justice laws and expressing love for humanity. However, millions of Americans wake each day with anger, bitterness, injustice and inhumane thoughts and actions. Any retrogression is an act of … Read More Martin’s Dream:

Martin’s Dream Video

In commemoration of the “I Have a Dream Speech” delivered by Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a CD entitled “Martin’s Dream” has been recorded and an accompanying “Martin’s Dream” Video is in the process of being made.  It will be sixty (60) years on August 2023, since that historic March on Washington Speech was made.  However, Detroiters know the foundation of … Read More Martin’s Dream Video

Educational Arts Society Meets Life Remodeled

COMMUNITIES JOINING TOGETHER CEO & FOUNDER CHRIS LAMBERT CEO & FOUNDER WALTER PARHAM Two communities seek to join together and “create a smile with music.” CEO Walter Parham of Educational Arts Society presents a proposal to CEO Christopher Lambert of Life Remodeled to determine if the nonprofit’s subsidiary UMME Federation of Proteges will make its hub in one of Detroit’s success stories: LIFE REMODELED. … Read More Educational Arts Society Meets Life Remodeled

Create a Smile

Create a Smile with Music Video Educational Arts Society seeks to create an atmosphere where students will examine who they are, how they got there, and where they choose to go in the future, through self-analysis, determination, courage and inner growth, coupled with a chosen musical skill-set that will provide a pathway to future job opportunities and positive societal values EAS Gives FREE Instruments … Read More Create a Smile


“God asked me to tell you that . . . everything will be alright from now on. Today, Jesus Christ visited your home.” Janice Slappy LEADERSHIP! KNOWLEDGE! COURAGE! GRACE! These four (4) words, coupled with a sense of humor and devotion, define Janice Slappy. Today, as we blink back the tears, let us remember yesterday, and the number of times we saw a half … Read More REMEMBERING JANICE SLAPPY



EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETY CEO WALTER PARHAM PARTNERS WITH CARR CENTER AND DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Founder and CEO Walter Parham takes off his suit, and “dons” his saxophone (Duane Parham) as he partners with music programs at Carr Center and Ramp-Up with the Detroit Public Schools.  Both programs focus on youth development in the areas of art and music.   In spite of a pandemic raging … Read More EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETY CEO WALTER PARHAM PARTNERS WITH CARR CENTER AND DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS



YOUR VOTE MAKES A DIFFERENCE At no time in the history of this country, have we seen such an abuse of power, the trampling of the Constitution, failure to address COVID 19, divisiveness, lack of leadership and total disregard for the rule of law, as we have seen during the last three years.  Vote November 3rd or early voting to make a change. MOTOWN/DETROIT … Read More VOTE FOR THE SOUL OF AMERICA



AMERICA IS ONE NATION We Are One Nation …Held in the Gospel of LOVE We Must Come Together . . . All Colors and . . . Stand Up for Our Ualues and Ideals Educational Arts Society EAS), a 501 c 3 nonprofit, is sponsoring  a “get out the vote” for the November 3, 2020, Presidential Election.   You are invited to participate.  Why are  we doing this?  Here … Read More VOTE FOR AMERICA

Saxophonist Duane Parham Scores Big at the Milestone Awards

Event Organizer  Brian Piccolo October 13, 2019 was a special celebration for many Michiganders!  They turned out in large numbers to memorialize hometown musicians past and present.  It was the Detroit 40 Year Milestone Celebration 2019.  Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Duane Parham was among the crowd and wowed them with skill, technique and soulful jazz!         “Fun! Food! and Friendship!” filled the air.  State … Read More Saxophonist Duane Parham Scores Big at the Milestone Awards