Touching the Hearts of Seniors

One of the wisest generations in the twenty-first century, are seniors, which many cultures have labeled “thrown-away.”  


Senior Living


Saxophonist Duane Parham admires their experience and honors their wisdom …


Senior Listening & Living

Parham’s visits are eagerly awaited and appreciated.  He also feels a sense of gratitude when he sees the expressions on their faces as he enters the auditorium.


Seniors and music

Music is the medicine of soul.  Many terminally-ill patients have found comfort in songs about love and life … 


Facts about seniors and music:

  • Triggers memory and emotions.
  • Improves Awareness and Concentration
  • Prevents Many Patients from Shutting Down and Escaping Life and Reality.
  • Generates Social Interaction.
  • Increases Mobility and Co-ordination and Relieves Tension.




Pastor Alfred Doss



Cost:  $150 to $250 Per Musician

Can you create a song in a senior’s heart  or … rhythm in a senior’s step?

Click here with your gift of love. 



The “little lady” (Aunt Mabel) seated, lived to be almost 100 years old, but her grand-nieces surrounding her, clung to the wisdom and understanding she gave them.  Nurturing is part of successful human development … let’s cherish our seniors.

Duane Parham - Red Coat

Are you looking for a place for Mom?  Select one where “live” music is part of the services provided … 


Seniors and music 2


It provides a total “brain workout.” Along with reducing anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, listening to music can improve sleep quality, mental alertness, mood, and memory …

Saxophonist Duane Parham & Seniors


Educational Arts Society (EAS) provides nursing facilities with musicians by:

  • Contacting facilities desiring “live” music for seniors.
  • Contacting musicians desiring to play at nursing facilities.
  • Serving as a go-between musicians and facilities.
  • Arranging with musicians to donate 40% of their services.
  • Musicians are paid by EAS. 
  • Facilities and musicians may contact EAS for services.
  • Donors may help pay musicians to play at senior homes.
  • Contact email:


seniors and music 5

Click here with your gift of love.   They need your support.



Placing Instruments in the Hands of Children

Pancake 33

“The best thing I did was place a saxophone in the hands of my boys!”


Pancake 35


When supported by love, discipline and accountability, children find playing an instrument enables them to “mix” more effectively with others and increases their self-esteem.

saxophone 2

Educational Arts Society is devoted to giving every child who expresses the desire to earn an instrument the opportunity to do so.




The violin … some say is the closest thing to the human voice … others say …the saxophone is the closest, both touch your soul.



Music has a healing effect.  Playing an instrument is an explosive expression of humanity.


Polaroid A700 picture

Creating a smile with music …

Duane & Handicap Child

With help … this little guy can do it too …


When this six-year-old held the saxophone for the first time, his face lit up with joy and excitement!  His Mom says he pressures her each week to get him to his lessons.


Placing an instrument in the “hands of a child” is why we give FREE instruments!  Will you help by donating a new or used instrument.  This is a small gift for you … but can set a child’s life in the right direction.  Can you give?

Cost:  $100 – $500.  Click here.




Year-End Donors – Are You One?


Music touches the inner spirit … every child has it.




The rhythms of life are gifts to the world, coming in many shapes, sizes and minds.  Let us fertilize those rhythms so that they sprout into melodies that last forever …

EAS Logo 3 (1) - Copy

As we approach the end of year 2018, we reflect on the many “offerings of kindness” bestowed on Educational Arts Society–offerings you have placed in the collection boxes of the children we serve.  We humbly thank you!

Little Girl

When children come into the world, parents have great dreams for them–dreams that the child will become a “musical star!”  The throes of life send parents in different directions, but… with everybody pitching in , we can make success happen.  That’s why nonprofits are so important … they help fill in the blanks!  By doing so … society wins! 

This video speaks to that thought.


As you are aware, many nonprofits get 30% or more of funding at the end of the year from donors like you … we are no different.  What will you do?  What can you do?  Only you have the answers …

Millennials 2

Our goal is to raise $5000 by year’s end.  Can you assist us in attaining this goal?  There are still objectives unreached and targets unmarked.  Let’s look at a few:

  • Four FREE lessons for one child – $100
  • Five (5) instruments for five (5) children – $500
  • Music Stands for Ten (10) children  – $80
  • Building Maintenance for Three (3) Months – $3000


Click here and make a donation.  We cannot do this without you!



Embracing Children in the History of Motown Music


Making the sounds of Motown, the echos of today … 

Reaching out to a new generation about the rich music history of Detroit … listen to the sounds of the 1970s…


children together


As heart-warming as the many Motown songs are … they are incomplete without the instrumentation–without the horns of musicians who were never honored–musicians like the ones listed below …

Maurice Davis Trumpet 2

Maurice Davis

Funk Brothers

The Funk Brothers

Eli Fontaine 3

Eli Fontaine

Guys like Eli Fontaine, Maurice Davis and the Funk Brothers help to solidify that sound and have been called “the unsung musicians of the Motown empire” …

The documentary, “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire,”created by Saxophonist Duane Parham pays tribute to these unsung heroes …


It has impacted several communities with viewings in city libraries and locations–locations like...


Kalamazoo Library Small

Kalamazoo Library

Detroit Main Library100_9981

Detroit Main Library

Rochester Library

Rochester Hills Library

Assist us in taking the documentary to Detroit area schoolsbecome a donor

Need: $300.00 per school 



Help us wrap Motown artists and their music around the hearts of children worldwide … 



DVD Unsung Musicians Doc.We would like to bring the documentary to your venue or organization, let us know how …

Flyer Unsung Fundraiser

Contact us @ or call 248 599 – 2827


CEO Walter Parham Pays Tribute to Paradise Valley