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This is a fundraiser! Educational Arts Society has a steady arm in surrounding communities–giving FREE instruments and lessons to children who are motivated, inspired, and have the discipline and determination to shoulder the responsibility.

It Takes a Community

Every Child Matters…

Help Build the Soil That Makes Children Grow

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“The Fused State” GROV “GT”

Groove with GROV

Tune-in Mondays at 6 pm to 8 pm on eamtradio for the “The Fused State Show” with DJ Grov “GT” Tigue IV! Hear thoughts and ideas that can be life-changing and life-progressive. The Show seeks to provide a pathway for youth engagement and youth development–a way of “paying it forward.”

Ideas and concepts will be examined, scrutinized and reshaped into a “fused state” and not a “state of confusion.” Join the conversation! You may be the answer to someone else’s question.

EAMT really is the “Place 2B!” Call 248 562 – 2802 and “GROW with GROV!”

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Voices of a Generation Telethon – 2019

This is the third year Educational Arts Society will hold the “Voices of a Generation Telethon” for underprivileged children who are talented, responsible and yearning to play an instrument or learn to sing.  Each year donations increase…this year our goal is to raise TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR ($2000.00) asking donors for a minimum of two dollars.  We know there are one thousand music lovers out there who wish to make this possible…we are waiting for you to respond.

Deraj Christmas

A few days ago, I watched this seven-year-old eagerly follow the directions of his saxophone teacher, placing his little fingers carefully on the keys and breathing into the mouthpiece and producing a clear tone.  His face lighted-up to realize..”I did that!”  Without our program of giving FREE instruments and FREE lessons and help from donors like yourself, this would not have been possible.

Jesse & Dad


We need your help!  Can you spare two dollars?

Stand up for the arts and “create a smile with music!”

Free Instruments and Free Music Lessons

2019 Voices of a Generation Telethon is launching a 20-day campaign of $2000…$2 at a time.


Voices of a Generation Telethon-2019

Your music story…how did it impact your life?  Is it worth two dollars or more…?


Polaroid  A700 picture


Does seeing this picture make your remember playing an instrument?  What if that experience were denied you?  Fact: Music is no longer available in many public schools.  Give two dollars below to help buy music lessons with our safe PayPal account.



Did you use the school’s instruments?  This student had to have an instrument given to her.


Give two dollars below with our safe PayPal account to help buy music lessons…


The first two listeners who donate on March 12, 2019, will receive a Gift Certificate from Theatre & Dance at Wayne State University, valued at SEVENTY DOLLARS ($70.00).  Each certificate allows two (2) attendees to any Hillberry, Bonstelle and Studio performances during the 2019 season.   Be the first to call!  248 599 – 2827.



Playing the piano is the dream of this little guy…  How about you…do you have a piano story?  Is it worth giving two dollars below with our safe PayPal account for his piano lessons?


Jesse & Dad


Jesse received this FREE saxophone…give another child one… What if your child or grandchild needed an instrument?  Would you want someone to give two dollars…or more? 


Join EAMTRADIO – “The Place 2B!” for the Telethon on March 12th by getting a FREE Google Play or iTunes app here:


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Free Instruments and Free Music Lessons

2019 Voices of a Generation Telethon is launching a 20-day campaign of $2000…$2 at a time.






Voices of a Generation Telethon


Engaging music lovers, artists and entertainers in reaching out to young artists aspiring to become entertainers or music lovers, is at the core of the “Voices of a Generation Telethon.”


Duane Interviews

Educational Arts Society echoes the message world wide: “We need our youth to carry on the legacy of music ... contribute to that legacy…” 




This video is a connection to those who wish to help make that connection possible.



Child Loving Music

Let your voice be heard … extend a hand to a child…donate…



photography of woman listening to music

Connect me with the world




The Location

cropped-eas-logo-3-1-copy.pngEducational Arts Society reaches across Detroit, neighboring communities and the world to “create a smile with music”… 


The Building in Detroit

Music Lessons for All Ages in Voice, Piano, Saxophone and Many Instruments       Contact: admin@easzmusic.org


Glenfield Apt

 Across the Street from the Ninth Precinct Police Dept. @ Gratiot & Gunston


Waiting Room II

Parental Waiting Room 



The Conference Room



The Snack Room 


My Pics 5

The Piano Lesson Room



The Instrument Lesson Room 



The “Create a Smile with Music Project” utilizes all of these rooms and more…  Teachers reach out to children all over Detroit who do not have transportation to music lessons by traveling to where they are…

Pancake 38

Youth of today will be adult leaders tomorrow.  Help us prepare them for the journey ahead … instilling in them leadership skills, responsibility, self-esteem, accountability, equality and respect for all…irregardless of individual differences… 


Core Values

Core Values 




Partnering with children in performing music and art around the world. . .

Keeping the memory alive by creating musical “smiles with music” worldwide …


UMME Federation of Proteges … a Subsidiary of Educational Arts Society

The Unsung Musicians

The Federation consists of proteges and music lovers of  those musicians who were unsung, but today are honored and appreciated for their musical contributions as  horn players of Motown … that incredible sound that changed the world …  Future musicians and mentors worldwide who will keep their memory alive…

Pancake 38

What impact will the UMME have on youth in the Detroit area and worldwide?  It will:

  • Serve as a connection to the history of Motown.
  • Become a model for aspiring young artists worldwide.
  • Allow young theater artists to share stories of Motown horn players via radio in numerous countries.
  • Permit proteges to give FREE music lessons to future proteges.
  • Encourage mentors to make monetary and instrumental donations to future artists.
  • Use puppetry as a tool to focus on Motown stories and contributions worldwide.

Duane Parham - Red Coat

The UMME was founded by Saxophonist Duane Parham…

Students learned skill, professionalism and discipline from one of Motown’s greatest trumpeters … Marcus Belgrave … his horn is silent … but his music lives on … 

Carl Small

Protege Master Percussionist and Engineer Carl (Butch) Small

Carl Small, Vice President of Productions, continues to travel worldwide with “The Temptations” and “Four Tops” and share his skills and techniques…


Using cores values as the foundation to teaching positive life direction …

A child models the core values taught and seen in life experiences …. 

Core values 2

Educational Arts Society has a “Three-Step Approach” to teaching positive life direction …

Children ask themselves three questions …  


Core values 3

Who am I?


Core values 4

Where am I going?


Core Values 5

How am I going to get there?          

Core Values

Core values are an essential element …



A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery

 Mission Statement

A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery provides a pathway of self-discovery, self-analysis, and self-development to youth from adolescence to adulthood that will aid them in making positive career choices, setting meaningful life goals, achieving those goals and establishing sound relationships.

Core values 6

Module One answers the question “Who am I?” by allowing the student to use his present vision and perception of himself as identification, but progressively moves him through a process of self-analysis that gives a new and increased view of himself upon completion. 

Module Two answers the question “Where am I going?” by directing thought through a process of goal-setting, self-direction, investigation of life choices, selection of a temporary career, and by actually walking through career choices by tapping into positive family, community and peer activities and organizations.

Module Three answers the question “How will I get there?” through student practice and engagement by aligning himself with values that require commitment, acceptance of responsibility, performance of exercises that build self-esteem, exploration of what it means to feel safe and enjoy life, and identification of destructive behaviors and consequences.  Self-evaluation occurs at the end of each module, but is an integral part of each module throughout its entirety.  Click here to view the program.