At no time in the history of this country, have we seen such an abuse of power, the trampling of the Constitution, failure to address COVID 19, divisiveness, lack of leadership and total disregard for the rule of law, as we have seen during the last three years.  Vote November 3rd or early voting to make a change.


Join Founder & CEO Walter Duane Parham in a virtual musical “extravagana” that encourages you to vote: The Motown/Detroit Get Out & Vote!

Martha Reeves


Educational Arts Society is a 501 c 3 nonprofit, founded by CEO Walter Duane Parham. Our mission is to assist aspiring young musicians in achieving a professional skill-set, as well as a core value skill-set. We seek to “create a smile with music” in the hearts and minds of every child we teach. Help us do that by making a donation. NO DONATION IS TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL!

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As a musician affected by COVID 19, Saxophonist Duane Parham has requested to become part of the Arts, Beats and Eats festival and is asking for your help in supporting it. Donations will go directly to Arts Beats and Eats. This affair will make contributions to all musicians who have not been able to perform during the COVID 19.

While the 2020 Arts, Beats & Eats festival has been canceled, virtual and small-scale live activations will take its place to spread a little bit of art, music, food and health, including a major effort to support the local music industry. The featured component of the 2020 event reincarnation will be The Beats Go On. . . an event that seeks to raise $500,000 for local musicians, as well as spread the joy of music virtually and through limited capacity drive-in concerts Labor Day Weekend.   

As many as 400 bands will be performing virtually from August 27-September 3, 2020 and collecting funds on their individual pages.  All funds that are recieved thru the Go Fund Me Donation will be used to support musicians that recieve over 50% of their income from music.

Arts, Beats & Eats Foundation wants to ensure that the beats go on in 2020 and the future!

To make a donation, go to the website of Arts, Beats and Eats by clicking here.

If you wish to also make a donation to Educational Arts Society, click here.

Thank you.




We Are One Nation …Held in the Gospel of LOVE

We Must Come Together . . . All Colors and . . . Stand Up for Our Ualues and Ideals

Educational Arts Society EAS), a 501 c 3 nonprofit, is sponsoring  a “get out the vote” for the November 3, 2020, Presidential Election.   You are invited to participate.  Why are  we doing this?  Here is why:

  • American Democracy
  • Responsibility and Leadership
  • Control COVID-19
  • Unity NOT Division
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Safe Schools and Streets
  • Freedom and Equality for All

This is not partisan … it is freedom.  Our mission is to encourage everyone to register and vote!  Let NOTHING keep you from voting!  America NEEDS you!

Musicians like The Vandellas, will come together social distancing, mask-wearing and using CDC guidelines at the Roostertail Restaurant and sing “Detroit City is Coming Back” in many genres to rally Michiganders and you (wherever you live) in a ZOOM EVENT on November 3, 2020 to recognize “It’s 45, Next is 46” to get out the vote.  Donations are excepted via Educational Arts Society’s  safe PayPal account.  Funds will be used to give FREE music lessons and FREE instruments to aspiring young artists seeking a professional skill-set in music.





We need you to vote Tuesday,  November 3, 2020 . . . vote for the betterment of America!  We are still striving for that “more perfect union!”

To make a donation . . . click here.  Our children need you!


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Campaign Set-Up and T-Shirt Design

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Remembering Motown

Motown Music Changed the World…

Step back into time and view the musicians who left a legacy…”the Motown sound.”

The man who did it all…Berry Gordy Jr.

Saxophonist Duane Parham Scores Big at the Milestone Awards

Event Organizer  Brian Piccolo

October 13, 2019 was a special celebration for many Michiganders!  They turned out in large numbers to memorialize hometown musicians past and present.  It was the Detroit 40 Year Milestone Celebration 2019.  Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Duane Parham was among the crowd and wowed them with skill, technique and soulful jazz!  


Saxophonist Duane Parham



“Fun! Food! and Friendship!” filled the air.  State Senator Coleman Young Jr. headed the event honoring his father, the Late Mayor Coleman Young.  There were numerous honorees, Rock n’ Roll Vocalist Gino Washington  was one of them.  This article will only capture a few.

Gino Receives Award from Nen Bailey

The event was held at the Henry Ford Performing Arts Building in Dearborn, Michigan.  There were vendors from books to handbags displaying their wares.  After the rendition by Duane Parham, several attendees migrated to his table to pick-up his CD.  One of the vendors was Antonette McILwain explaining the story behind her book Stuck…But Loving It!  

Attendees were popping up throughout the building getting selfies with honorees and celebrities–celebrities like Joan Belegrave, Duane Parham, Spyder Turner and Loren Harper and simply using their phones to get “memory pictures. ”  Fashion garbs range from casual to evening wear.  A spectator could easily be entertained just watching men and women sashay across the floor.  It was an event that could become an annual affair…





Hey Detroit! We look forward to the Detroit 40 Year

Celebration 2020!

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EAS Second Pancake Prayer Breakfast

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