Giving a Kid a New Saxophone

Founder & CEO Walter Parham mentored six (6) students at Duke Ellington Middle School (Jan-Jun 2022) in Detroit. He developed a point-system that motivated students to improve skills in technique, knowledge of music, production and performance. The three (3) students with the highest number of points will receive a brand new, shiny saxophone. Help us deliver! Donate $19.00 monthly or a one-time donation of your choice. If you wish to give more that nineteen dollars, move the arrow up to a higher number. One (1) means nineteen dollars. Two (2) means $38. Three (3) means $57, Four (4) means you wish to give $76 and so on.


Music is an art . . . it can be fun, but it is also work. Making music fun is not the foundation for developing a professional skill set. However, when that occurs, it’s the “icing on the cake!” The center of the cake must be technique, production and performance capabilities. That is exactly what CEO Walter Parham had in mind when he became the mentor for six (6) students at Duke Ellington Middle School in Detroit.

Create a Smile with Music
We Are Your Tomorrow . . .

Educational Arts Society Meets Life Remodeled



Two communities seek to join together and “create a smile with music.” CEO Walter Parham of Educational Arts Society presents a proposal to CEO Christopher Lambert of Life Remodeled to determine if the nonprofit’s subsidiary UMME Federation of Proteges will make its hub in one of Detroit’s success stories: LIFE REMODELED.


Educational Arts Society meets Life Remodeled and discovers a community engaged in overcoming life barriers by working together.

Life Remodeled is a nonprofit that combines financial resources and brain power to develop a community’s needs and relationships.

Its uniqueness lies in the ability to unite a community’s residents with investment decisions every step of the way. It does not enter a community asking, “Do you want us to come in with our money and develop a working community for you?” but says, “Let’s build a community that works for you and me.” And . . . they say, “The best place to start is building relationships–relationships that generate trust, respect and honor.”


UMME Federation of Proteges

LIFE REMODELED says, “If you want to know our secret, join us!”

And. . . that is exactly what CEO Parham plans to do . . . join them. With a framework in hand, he and COO Dr. Mamie Smith met CEO Lambert and Innovation Society Director Brandi Haggins to map out a road map.

What is the UMME Federation of Proteges?

The UMME Federation of Proteges is an organization founded by CEO Parham that uses a military style format to combine the talents, skillsets and creativity of musicians and residents to integrate into a community and assist it in developing its determined musical needs, culture and vision.

Music integration and core values are at the core of what UMME seeks to accomplish. During the meeting, it was decided that the next step is for EAS to meet the Community Board of Directors. Stay tuned! In the meantime, view the video below that gives a glimpse of the UMME FEDERATION of PROTEGES.

Use the form to contact us for an application.



“Children are our brightest lights,” is a phrase mankind has recognized since the existence of time. They gleam with innocence, radiate with curiosity and shine with acceptance. This article will look at three (3) bright stars who share the energy that makes them “sparkle.” Brian Reid, Kennedi Clark and Deraj Tigner “twinkle and beam” out their stories on a worldwide radio show called “Talk to the Author.” Nah-ah-ah, they are not authors yet, but give them a couple of years and they will be.

Three Bright Lights

Is School Fun?

Our three (3) young interviewees simply said “yes.” One is home-schooled and . . . he has a startling answer why he likes it! The other two (2) were slowed down by the pandemic but are now “back on track.” As I listened to these kids, I heard and saw our legacy. What they ingest today, will be regurgitated tomorrow. So, it is essential that we feed them “mental food” that can reshape the world.

Future Goal Setting

Guides to Goal Setting

Is it too early to lay the foundation that embraces children becoming “our brightest lights?” No! Goal setting is now! Then …comes action. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Seeds planted today the future will bloom.
  • Flowers of sweetness or fragrances of doom.
  • The legacies we share will live forever,
  • Bringing rays of light or stormy weather.

Goals Must Lead to Achievement

Unless that sparkle of action leads to achievement, goal setting has failed. Steps leading to achievement is a journey of progression.

Brian, Kennedi and Deraj have begun the journey. As they advance, “it takes a community!

Our Brightest Lights Continue to Shine


By Dr. Mamie Smith

Children are our yesterday, today and tomorrow,

Our peace, faith, hope and sorrow,

What will we leave for them to match?

What words, actions for them to catch?

Clouds of darkness or shadows of love,

Twilight or sunshine that flows from above.

Seeds planted today the future will bloom,

Flowers of sweetness or fragrances of doom.

Think brothers and sisters before we fight,

Let’s work together with all our might.

The legacies we share will live forever,

Bringing rays of light or stormy weather.

Quiet the discourse, smother the flame,

Stop calling others out of their name.

I choose peace that speaks to power

In this stressful, declining hour.

The time is now to lay the foundation

For the next, promising generation.

Let’s not fail to heed the call,

 Get it right, once and for all.




Empathy is the pathway to understanding. Understanding guides humanity’s steps in serving others.This quote expresses the deep gratitude we feel from the words of Reverend Linda Lowery. Thank you so much!


Those we serve sow appreciation in many ways.  We are grateful.

I would like to express my utmost appreciation to you both, Dr. Smith, COO and Mr. Parham, CEO, for the pure delight and great joy my great grandson experienced upon receipt of his guitar.  The moment he began to unpackage his guitar was a rare moment in time and the angels rejoiced with elation.  I am attaching his note that he gave to me when I delivered his guitar in a hard case as Mr. Parham suggested.  These few words may not encapsulate the pleasure I felt in my heart as I watched him embrace the moments of receiving a gift specifically realizing a dream come true.

I pray for all the recipients of such unique instrumental treasures, and I pray that the angels will carry your mission globally beyond your wildest imaginings. May God continue to bless you both in your every endeavors.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Rev. Linda Lowery

Children fill our hearts!  This little guy wrote this letter...we were so moved by it.
Thank you, Daveion. Our hearts overflow with love. . .

We Create a Smile with Music

There are many ways to “create a smile with music.” One of the ingredients of music is harmony. Gift giving, providing a service, taking a bag of groceries to hungry children, are ways of bringing harmony into a person’s life. But the most important way is to see each person as a child of God. That can be very challenging in the world we live in today. Daily, the television blasts images of hate, murder, theft, and greed. How do we handle them? I find the best way is to fill my own thoughts with love. Doing that, keeps evil images and thoughts from impacting what I think, say and do. Is it easy? No!

Those We Serve

Ukraine is an example of mortal mind’s thinking and doing! The horrors and atrocities are imprinted in thought. Learn to do what the old hymn says, “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” A humbling message the world is revealing is, “those we serve come in all colors, races, religions and genders.” War is destructive to adults, but it’s heart-wrenching to children. Man’s inhumanity to man looms at the forefront. The thought that keeps playing out in my mind is “love and goodness can never be destroyed.” I believe that is the world’s message to President Putin.

Finally, we are worn and weary. But the battle to continue . . .goes on. Those we serve… cannot stand and wait.

Educational Arts Society Meets Detroit Athletic League

Educational Arts Society meets Detroit Athletic League because it desires a partnership with them. This Meeting will focus on what each organization’s mission is and how they achieve it. It will also determine if a partnership is feasible. The video is an overview of how both organizations will move forward.

PAL Director Maria Franklin EAS COO Dr. Mamie Smith

Dr. Smith believes the Meeting was productive and will follow-up with a document that summarizes the discussion. It’s all about kids!




Carl (Butch) Small of “The Four Tops” says, “Create a Smile with Music!”

Create a Smile with Music: That is exactly what this guy does. And . . . he creates smiles worldwide, because he is Percussionist Carl Small of “The Four Tops.” You know . . . the internationally-known group from Motown.


Carl (Butch) Small wears at least (2) hats: Percussionist for the internationally renowned group known as “The Four Tops” and Vice President of Productions for “Educational Arts Society, a 501 c 3 nonprofit. In this video, he is reaching out to you to help “create a smile with music” by making a donation to kids who need an instrument to begin the long journey of becoming a musician.


Sitting on the Board, gives him a front row seat of children striving perhaps to become the next Carl Small. Music makes everyone’s life smoother and more relaxed. What would we do without the millions of musicians who touch our lives with music? Make a kid happy and give a hand @ Wait . . . listen to Carl first . . .if you haven’t, by watching the one minute video.


Families love to create a smile with music at Christmas time.

Give an instrument to a kid. Maybe you were once a kid like this . . . wanting an instrument, but Mommy couldn’t buy one. Now . . . you can.


Create a smile with music by attending the Christmas Telethon.

The Christmas Telethon will give FREE instruments to children on December 14, 2021. Be there!


Create a Smile

Create a Smile with Music Video

Help us “create a smile with music!”

Educational Arts Society seeks to create an atmosphere where students will examine who they are, how they got there, and where they choose to go in the future, through self-analysis, determination, courage and inner growth, coupled with a chosen musical skill-set that will provide a pathway to future job opportunities and positive societal values

EAS Gives FREE Instruments and FREE Music Lessons.

Create a Smile with Music

Educational Arts Society gives FREE music lessons and FREE instruments to children. You can too! To give more than $10, use the up arrow. 2 means $20, 3 means $30, 4 means $40 and so on.


You may also click here to donate. Checks/money orders should be made payable to “Educational Arts Society” and mailed to: Educational Arts Society, PO Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.

Application for FREE Instruments of EAS

Application for Free Instruments

248 599 – 2827

Application for FREE Instrument
Name of Child:   Age:  
Date of Birth:   Contact Number:  
Name of Parent or Guardian:  
Address:   City:  
State:   Zip Code:   Email:  
Home Phone:   Cell Phone:  
    Work Phone:  
Driver’s License Number (Show Interviewer): *Note: Address on License Must Match Address on Application  
Name of Child’s School:  
Name of Child’s Teacher:  
Address of School:  
Phone Number of School:   Email:  
Choice of Instrument:  
Additional Information
  The Parent or Guardian of all applicants MUST show proof of identification to receive an instrument.  Applicants MUST apply in person prior to the day that instruments will be dispersed.  Children receiving instruments are encouraged to take lessons at the Parham Academy of Performing Arts.  Group lessons are $15.00 per 30-Minute Lesson and $25.00 for private lessons   Children should be at least 10 years old to receive a woodwind or brass instrument.   Children should be at least 6 years old to receive a keyboard or drum pads.  
Does the child sing or play in the band or choir?  Yes             No
Why does the child wish to study music:
My signature below acknowledges that I understand and agree to the terms of this Agreement.
Signature of Parent/Guardian Date
Signature of Interviewer Date


CHRISTMAS TELETHON Educational Arts Society


“Twas the night before Christmas,” is a telethon sponsored by Educational Arts Society that will give aspiring young musicians FREE instruments! You know . . . things like violins, clarinets, keyboards. You can join the fun by having your child apply for a FREE instrument here.

WIN $200

Make a $20 donation or more to charity for your chance to win $200. To donate, see the form below.

The Christmas Telethon is

December 14, 2021

The Telethon will be on Youtube, Facebook Live and more. . .

Get ready for Christmas music, Christmas renditions of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” performances by local artists and holiday fun!

Give a gift of LOVE.

Give a gift to a child! Music can determine what path he/she will choose. Give a gift of LOVE.

Educational Arts Society is a 501 c 3 nonprofit that gives FREE music lessons and FREE instruments to children. Donations are tax deductible and can also be sent to: Educational Arts Society, PO Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.

Christmas Telethon Donation

Give a gift of Love! Help a young aspiring musician begin the journey of musicianship. Your donation of $20 or more gives you a chance to win $200. To donate more than $20. . .use the up arrow (2 means $40, 3 means $60 and so on) or click the link below.


Checks/money orders may also be made payable to: Educational Arts Society and mailed to Educational Arts Society, P.O. Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.