PRESS RELEASE LAUNCH PARTY  “BECAUSE SHE’S A LADY INC.,"    501 c 3 NON-PROFIT   SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 32905 Grand River Farmington, MI 48336 2 pm - 6 pm  Because She’s A Lady is a 501 c 3, non-profit organization dedicated to “addressing the special needs of breast cancer survivors and others who may need extended... Continue Reading →


Music Theory Books

Learning Music Theory - Beginners   Provides an introduction to the basic elements in harmony and musical structure. Covers the basics of rhythm and tempo, an introduction to pitch, intervals and transposition, articulation, ornaments, and reiterations. To order on Amazon, click here:

Helping a Child Overcome Violence

Violence is one of the oldest emotions of mankind. It dates back to the story of Cain and Abel. Why does man feel violence brings about workable solutions when he has proved over and over that it does not? Violence stems from one’s inability to think and act logically and responsibly. Leading factors in promoting and... Continue Reading →

The Uncelebrated Musicians of the Motown Empire

There are two key words that focus the reader’s attention on the subject of this article: Musicians and Motown. One accentuates and influences the other, and both are synonymous with Detroit. For decades, music and Detroit have “clicked, bounced around” and then “jelled.” Some of the world’s greatest talents have their roots buried in the... Continue Reading →

The Early Morning Hour of Inspiration and Motivation

 Join EAMTRADIO each Sunday morning from 8pm to 9pm for an hour of inspiration and motivation. Professional and articulate speakers will choose a theme or topic, develop it by providing information, experiences, thoughts and ideas to listeners that inform, encourage and motivate inner growth, confidence and spiritual development. This hour grew out of a desire... Continue Reading →

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