Art Curriculum

Art Curriculum

Children Doing ArtHaving basic skills as math, reading and writing are elements every individual should be equipped with.  However, most of us want our children to become loving parents, good neighbors and responsible citizens.  To achieve this, they must learn feelings—the ability to empathize, imagine, identify with, respect and understand those around them.  Such qualities are accentuated in the study of art.

The Parham’s Academy of the Arts

 Intermediate students learn about perspective and viewpoint, color theory, and 3-D form in Programs 3-5. Program 3 focuses on landscapes and how artists use aerial and vanishing point perspectives to create three-dimensional illusions;  Program 5 explores American artists throughout history and how their work portrays different aspects of national and cultural life. Advanced students will explore more complex concepts such as form, movement, rhythm, and unity.


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