A 3-Step Approach to Life Discovery

A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery by Dr. Mamie Smith

About Dr. Smith

Dr. Mamie Smith is an author, radio talk show host, inspirational speaker, teacher, business woman and musician.6. Mamie Smith The Star She writes on numerous online social media sites, has established her own network “The Unfolding of a Rose.Com and blog “Open Thought,”(smithmamie.com) which many times, sits in the #1 position in Google search engines.  Her first book “The Unfolding of a Rose” has helped many people experiencing the loss of a loved one, and the second book “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality” has just been released.  She has already received orders from several readers.

Dr. Smith received a Bachelor of Science Music Degree at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee and Master of Music Education and Doctorate of Education from Wayne State University.  Her education has been greatly enhanced by traveling extensively, living among other cultures, and teaching in many states in this country and on Okinawa, Japan.

Membership organizations include Board Member of Educational Arts Society and Jeanne Steely Laitner Association and membership in numerous other organizations including Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide and Belle Isle Conservancy of Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Smith has three children and lives in Michigan.

A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery

 Mission Statement

A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery provides a pathway of self-discovery, self-analysis, and self-development to youth from adolescence to adulthood that will aid them in making positive career choices, setting meaningful life goals and establishing sound relationships.


 This program recognizes that individuals come from diverse backgrounds, value systems and socio-economic levels, and is guided in the belief that every person, given respect, patience, dignity, and clearly defined objectives, can direct or re-direct their lives to achieve attainable goals, positive activities and meaningful life purposes.


The demographics of this program are immense.  It includes any gender, race, ethnicity, or location.  However, the age level should begin with youth at the age of 13 and above, primarily because it is highly individualized, and requires the ability to decipher and execute statements that younger children may not understand.  Advisable grade levels for school districts should begin with middle school and continue throughout high school.   After high school, anyone seeking to understand himself and how he relates to the world he lives in, can use A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery successfully.

 Directions to Using A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery

  •  Read each module at different times.
  • After reading the first module, re-read it and think about each question, statement and suggestion, apply it to your life in an honest and sincere manner. Make sure you do each exercise thoroughly before moving to the next section.
  • Recognize that this program has no set time that it should be completed, its success is an individual one—one person may take longer than another for completion. Success is measured by the positive mental change you see in yourself.
  • Complete each module before moving to the next one.

  A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery

Written & Documented by Dr. Mamie Smith

 Who Am I?  Where Am I Going?  How Will I Get There?




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More About Demographics

The demographics of this program are immense.  They include any gender, race, ethnicity, or location.  However, the targeted-group age level is 13 to 18.   Why? Primarily, because this is a crucial time in a child’s life—an age when he begins to sever close ties with family, seek independence through peer attachments, explore the intricacies of decision-making, align himself with physical changes in body and recognize life demands choices that “shape, make or break” him in identifying with the world around him—thereby adding stress and pressure.  Secondarily, though he may not recognize it, this is an age-level that a child needs family, positive friendships and strong community support more than at any time in his life.  Also, during the stage of adolescence, youth tend to experiment with sex, drugs, crime and a host of negative life choices.

Many psychologists believe that most of these choices stem from low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-hatred.  Finally, the program is highly individualized, and requires an ability to decipher and execute statements that younger children may not understand.

After high school, anyone seeking to understand how he relates to the world in which he lives can use A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery successfully.


There is an identity crisis facing American children and families today.  Never in the history of this country, have basic values been so severely challenged.  Mental health problems are at alarming rates, substance abuse is rampant, teens face mental and physical abuse from relationships, the number of runaway youths continues to climb and combined with all of that, are enormous educational and employment deficits.  http://aspe.hhs.gov/daltcp/reports/partlist.htm

Research reveals alarming statistics:

  • 4% of teens say they set goals for future growth and development, but over 81% fail to reach those goals.
  • 40% say they are afraid of peer pressure, 51% afraid to talk to parents and 54% are afraid to talk to teachers.
  • 6% say they are afraid of depression or suicide.
  • Only 50% feel safe.
  • A catastrophic 91% say they have been bullied.
  • One in three teens say they know a friend who has been punched, kicked, choked, stomped or physically hurt by a partner, while only 33% tell of such abusive relationships.
  • One in five girls report being in a relationship where the boyfriend threatened violence, and … 80% continue to date their abusers.
  • Finally, these children become adults and continue behaviors that cause more than 3 women to be murdered by their husbands each day in this country.

These statistics are heart-breaking and soul-wrenching!  What are the root causes of such negative behaviors?  How do we handle them?

This program seeks to address the problems that psychologists say are at the root of such negative behavior.

How Will the Program Be Administered?

 Fifty middle and high schools will be contacted by formal letter, phone and email to use the program with select classes—classes that administrators and teachers feel will benefit most from it.

  1. Mamie Smith will, at the invitation of administrators, introduce the program to selected students through lectures, group discussions and power point demonstrations.
  2. E-books will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for anyone wishing to use the program.
  3. Weekly classes will be held at The Parham Academy of Arts for youth and adults wishing to participate in the program.

Module One

 Self-Analysis – Who Am I?

Module Two

Self-Discovery – Where Am I Going?

Module Three

Self-Development – How Will I Get There?

Goal:  The purpose of  A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery is to aid youth from ages 6 to 18 in acquiring personal and professional life direction by providing knowledge, experiences and activities that lead to self-discipline, character development, increased self-esteem and the accumulation of artistic skills in art, music and theater.



  • To equip each student with the tools to get in touch with himself/herself.
  • To evaluate oneself by delving beneath the surface of thought and seeking honest answers to difficult questions.
  • To discover the importance of respecting and appreciating oneself irrespective of how others perceive you.
  • To discover if one’s self-assessment parallels with goals and objectives he sets for himself.
  • To break the link that connects negative family history with individual success or failure.
  • To aid in the recognition that basic values involving integrity, justice and a deeper sense of lawfulness are forces that lead to self-worth and self-respect.
  • To discover that success in goal-setting and goal-achievement are inextricably linked to self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • To aid in out-lining and executing the pathway to self-discipline, commitment, persistence, courage and perseverance.

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