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Smooth Jazz & Motown on EAMTRADIO – EAMT – The Place 2 Be!

Are you a business looking to maximize your advertising dollars?  Funny question . . . what business isn’t?  Here’s a unique way to promote your business without investing large amounts of money and  . . . support a worthy cause!  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars a month with print ads, newspapers or even commercials when there’s another simple solution at hand.

Ashley Furniture Up to 50% Off - Decor ShopWhat is that solution?

 Click on the link below to sponsor a 15-minute weekly time slot for $100 per month on EAMT RADIOThis station’s inception is January 15, 2015, but its hosts are seasoned, passionate and knowledgeable individuals.  The Duane Parham Show reaches a worldwide audience of 5000 to 7000 listeners each Sunday airing.  Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith has generated topics that reach into the hearts and minds of listeners across America.  It is popular, inspiring and educational!

Because it is fresh, new, and exciting  Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio  has not generated demographics that can be shared it this time, but  . . . check back real soon!  Things will change!   They have changed!  We are now in 10 countries and listeners are increasing on a daily basis … that includes you!  What’s so great about that is . . . we are not 2 months old!  Imagine what we will be in a year!  Come on and grow with us . . . .

Duane Parham, a local and national figure, is known for his smooth jazz sound on the saxophone, but Sundays . . .  he’s “not on the saxophone, he’s on the microphone.”  You sponsorship would support the music of local and legendary artists around the world and help lay the ground-work for the mission of Educational Arts Society, a non-profit organization seeking to build The Parham Academy of Performing Arts  for youth between the ages of 6 and 18.  Between songs, Parham also chats with musicians and business owners.  You can be one of them!

Beauty BrandsWhat do you get for your $100? 

  1. Your 30-second radio commercial is played at least once during your sponsored time slot. If you have already recorded (mp3) a commercial, we will use that one.  We can also produce a new commercial for a small one-time production fee.  Please call for pricing.
  2. We will mention your business again during your sponsored time slot.
  3. You may also call in during your time slot and “shout out” the name of your business yourself.
  4. In lieu of your commercial, you may elect to have a 5-minute interview during your time slot.
  5. Each month you remain a sponsor, your commercial will be played during un-booked spots.
  6. Your business name and logo will be listed on our website as long as you remain a sponsor and on any printed items about the Duane Parham Show.

There are only four 15-minute slots for each hour the show airs, so take advantage of this offer now.

Payment for the sponsorship can be made at our secure Paypal account by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below:

Guests who have appeared on the show have national and international acclaim: The Miracles, The Four Tops, Pat Lewis, Spyder Turner, Ortheia Barnes, Joan Belgrave, Thornetta Davis, just to name a few.  As the show continues to grow, so will your visibility worldwide.




 Please contact us with any question you may have.  There are no long time commitments and you may end your sponsorship any month after the initial month.  Just let us know at the end of each month so that we may schedule another business. To get started, continue reading.


  • Early Morning Inspirational & Motivational Hour – Sundays – 8am-9am
  • Talk to the Lawyer
  • The Pastor’s Desk
  • The Duane Parham Celebrity Hour


Your business will:

  • Benefit from the reputations established internationally by guests on The Duane Parham Show.
  • Gain visibility from a diverse audience.
  • Develop a subtle visibility with your targeted market.
  • Become a supporter of a charitable organization with humanitarian goals.

Talk Show Hosts Wanted!

If you have an idea, project, profession or concept you would like to share with the world, consider becoming a talk show host.  Click here for details:

Thank you for consideration given and received and please feel free to contact us using the link below:


Educational Arts Society

Call-in to The Duane Parham Show and talk about yourself and your business for 10 minutes . . . .  See how. . .  to get started with becoming a sponsor  . . .


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