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Disgruntled Person Flyer

Every business can find a disgruntled person flyer in his mailbox at some time if it remains in business for a while. Gripes, lies and complaints are a given. This article is a response to a disgruntled person’s flyer that landed in our mailbox. We are Educational Arts Society, a 501 c 3 nonprofit. Here is our response:

EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETYPO Box 70894 – Rochester, MI 48307September 22, 2022

To: Unknown Person with Heart of Anger

From: Dr. Mamie Smith, COO

Re:  Letter of Disgruntled Individual

The purpose of this response is to correct a flyer “someone” is circulating about Educational Arts Society, CEO Walter D. Parham and myself.  Please find a copy of the flyer below. 

My first reaction when I saw the flyer was, this is a bitter person carrying around lots of anger.  Ignore it. . . but . . .we have all learned the last five, plus years that if a lie is not corrected, many people accept it as truth.  Secondly, if this person is speaking truth, why did he/she not attach his or her name to what is claimed as truth?  Then, perhaps the truth could be discovered in a court of law.  Defaming a person’s character in publicized written form is not a crime, but it is a “civil wrong.”  Civil lawsuits are filed too often in this country for such behavior.

Here is some information:

Prior to the pandemic, CEO Parham and I taught children at my studio in Detroit.  During the pandemic, I taught FREE vocal lessons online in my home.  CEO Parham taught several aspiring saxophonists at Duke Ellington Middle School during the last school term of 2022, in partnership with Carr Center.  Free instruments were given to five (5) children in December 2021. There is information on our website that speaks to this.   We “create a smile with music” when parents, children and teachers can “make it happen.”  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Parents have a lot “on their plates,” and have difficulty getting children to music classes. Many are one-parent homes. Working with schools, churches and grant-funded programs have proved more effective.

Aspiring Young Saxophonists @ Duke Ellington Middle School in Detroit

As most “clear-minded” people realize, many businesses and organizations are still recovering from Covid 19 and other viruses.  We are among them.  Most of our funding comes from events and donations.  Grant funding is something most small nonprofits are seeking to conquer.  We have been turned down many times, that is why we seek to partner with larger nonprofits. 

Let’s address the “business practices are very questionable and extremely inappropriate.”  The State of Michigan gets our Annual Report each year, the IRS gets a 990N annually, we give an Income Statement to the Board each year and keep it on file and I donate my time.  Our Bylaws allow CEO Parham to be paid a nominal fee which he has only received twice in 8 years.  Strangely, this person seems to know a lot of stuff to be anonymous . . . It is sad that the lies distort the truth.

All monies of Educational Arts Society are kept in a PayPal Account, Checking and Savings accounts.  I have not received “one red cent” of its money!  In fact, I donate funds to the nonprofit each year.  Our “personal projects” are funded “personally!

CEO Parham is one of Detroit’s “favorite sons,” and has worked with many successful musicians and people.  Iyanla Vanzant is one of them.  When we asked her to serve on the Board years ago, she graciously agreed and sent us a letter to confirm it.  The information on the website was approved by her.  We keep her on the site as an honorary member.

We have “scammed no one!”  Each person who makes a donation receives a Tax Letter for that year.  Our Tax ID Number is included in the letter so that they can check us out with the State of Michigan.  When a question reaches my ears, I respond quickly to resolve all issues. Our website is not a farce . . . each year we strive to fulfill our mission. 

Truth, honesty and integrity are high up on our list in our personal lives as well as the nonprofit!  Please visit us @ 

To Ms./Mr. Anonymous . . . stop carrying around that anger and bitterness!  You are only hurting yourself.  The lies will not prevent us from doing what God has given us to do.  We love you and wish you the best!

Musically yours,

CEO Walter (Duane) Parham

COO Dr. Mamie Smith

As long as you are here . . . take a look at our partnership aspirations. Join us if you believe we can work together.

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