Getting a Free Instrument for Your School Church or Organization

Introduction Video with a Cool Beat

Getting a Free Instrument for Your School, Church or Organization

Establishing a Partnership


We are thrilled that you are on this page. Take a look at the suggestions and information. If you have questions, please contact us at

Getting a free instrument for your organization means getting a new partner. How do you do that? By following the directions below:

  • Connect this page to a post or page on your website. Send us the link.
  • Urge members to become a donor to aid in purchasing music instruments.
  • Partnering with Educational Arts Society for a Musical Event/Fundraiser.
  • Exploring how CEO Parham’s documentary “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire” can be used as a fundraiser at your location.
  • Creating an “Authors’ Day Fundraiser” with member and local author books.
  • Students/parents desiring an instrument should fill out an application here.

Make Your Donation

Your $5 Donation

Having an instrument means I can practice at home. Thank you.


Your $10 Donation

Playing with a group of future musicians is fun. Maybe. . . this can become my profession.


Your $25.00 Donation

Educational Arts Society has given away several violins. Do you want to help us give another one? You can give $50 by moving the arrow up to the number 2. Move the arrow to 3 and give $75. Move it to 4 and give $100. Thanks much!


Send an Application

Ask for an application and get one here.


I am CEO and Founder Walter Duane Parham. Thank you for visiting this website. It is our pleasure and desire to partner with you. Only partnerships receive FREE instruments for their organizations. I am eager to work with you on and at many levels as we discuss new ways to connect children with music.

As a musician, (Saxophonist Duane Parham) event/fundraisers are “high up on my list.” Partnerships may include both organizations sharing expenses and profits depending on location and level of participation.

Let us know if we can help.

Musically yours,


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