Giving a Kid a New Saxophone

Founder & CEO Walter Parham mentored six (6) students at Duke Ellington Middle School (Jan-Jun 2022) in Detroit. He developed a point-system that motivated students to improve skills in technique, knowledge of music, production and performance. The three (3) students with the highest number of points will receive a brand new, shiny saxophone. Help us deliver! Donate $19.00 monthly or a one-time donation of your choice. If you wish to give more that nineteen dollars, move the arrow up to a higher number. One (1) means nineteen dollars. Two (2) means $38. Three (3) means $57, Four (4) means you wish to give $76 and so on.


Music is an art . . . it can be fun, but it is also work. Making music fun is not the foundation for developing a professional skill set. However, when that occurs, it’s the “icing on the cake!” The center of the cake must be technique, production and performance capabilities. That is exactly what CEO Walter Parham had in mind when he became the mentor for six (6) students at Duke Ellington Middle School in Detroit.

Create a Smile with Music
We Are Your Tomorrow . . .

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