Empathy is the pathway to understanding. Understanding guides humanity’s steps in serving others.This quote expresses the deep gratitude we feel from the words of Reverend Linda Lowery. Thank you so much!


Those we serve sow appreciation in many ways.  We are grateful.

I would like to express my utmost appreciation to you both, Dr. Smith, COO and Mr. Parham, CEO, for the pure delight and great joy my great grandson experienced upon receipt of his guitar.  The moment he began to unpackage his guitar was a rare moment in time and the angels rejoiced with elation.  I am attaching his note that he gave to me when I delivered his guitar in a hard case as Mr. Parham suggested.  These few words may not encapsulate the pleasure I felt in my heart as I watched him embrace the moments of receiving a gift specifically realizing a dream come true.

I pray for all the recipients of such unique instrumental treasures, and I pray that the angels will carry your mission globally beyond your wildest imaginings. May God continue to bless you both in your every endeavors.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Rev. Linda Lowery

Children fill our hearts!  This little guy wrote this letter...we were so moved by it.
Thank you, Daveion. Our hearts overflow with love. . .

We Create a Smile with Music

There are many ways to “create a smile with music.” One of the ingredients of music is harmony. Gift giving, providing a service, taking a bag of groceries to hungry children, are ways of bringing harmony into a person’s life. But the most important way is to see each person as a child of God. That can be very challenging in the world we live in today. Daily, the television blasts images of hate, murder, theft, and greed. How do we handle them? I find the best way is to fill my own thoughts with love. Doing that, keeps evil images and thoughts from impacting what I think, say and do. Is it easy? No!

Those We Serve

Ukraine is an example of mortal mind’s thinking and doing! The horrors and atrocities are imprinted in thought. Learn to do what the old hymn says, “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” A humbling message the world is revealing is, “those we serve come in all colors, races, religions and genders.” War is destructive to adults, but it’s heart-wrenching to children. Man’s inhumanity to man looms at the forefront. The thought that keeps playing out in my mind is “love and goodness can never be destroyed.” I believe that is the world’s message to President Putin.

Finally, we are worn and weary. But the battle to continue . . .goes on. Those we serve… cannot stand and wait.

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