Create a Smile with Music Video

Help us “create a smile with music!”

Educational Arts Society seeks to create an atmosphere where students will examine who they are, how they got there, and where they choose to go in the future, through self-analysis, determination, courage and inner growth, coupled with a chosen musical skill-set that will provide a pathway to future job opportunities and positive societal values

EAS Gives FREE Instruments and FREE Music Lessons.

Create a Smile with Music

Educational Arts Society gives FREE music lessons and FREE instruments to children. You can too! To give more than $10, use the up arrow. 2 means $20, 3 means $30, 4 means $40 and so on.


You may also click here to donate. Checks/money orders should be made payable to “Educational Arts Society” and mailed to: Educational Arts Society, PO Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.

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  1. Queen VictoriaG. The Queen from EAMTradio

    Thank you, I Received it!


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