“Twas the night before Christmas,” is a telethon sponsored by Educational Arts Society that will give aspiring young musicians FREE instruments! You know . . . things like violins, clarinets, keyboards. You can join the fun by having your child apply for a FREE instrument here.

WIN $200

Make a $20 donation or more to charity for your chance to win $200. To donate, see the form below.

The Christmas Telethon is

December 14, 2021

The Telethon will be on Youtube, Facebook Live and more. . .

Get ready for Christmas music, Christmas renditions of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” performances by local artists and holiday fun!

Give a gift of LOVE.

Give a gift to a child! Music can determine what path he/she will choose. Give a gift of LOVE.

Educational Arts Society is a 501 c 3 nonprofit that gives FREE music lessons and FREE instruments to children. Donations are tax deductible and can also be sent to: Educational Arts Society, PO Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.

Christmas Telethon Donation

Give a gift of Love! Help a young aspiring musician begin the journey of musicianship. Your donation of $20 or more gives you a chance to win $200. To donate more than $20. . .use the up arrow (2 means $40, 3 means $60 and so on) or click the link below.


Checks/money orders may also be made payable to: Educational Arts Society and mailed to Educational Arts Society, P.O. Box 70894, Rochester, MI 48307.

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