The Sandman is Ready for Lunch . . .Are You?

Who is the Sandman? Michael Sandelin: entertainer, entrepreneur and disc jockey for forty years. When he is not outfitting men with the latest attire, he is a DJ– playing music for local “live’ audiences or audiences all over the country! His latest venture “A Lunch with the Sandman,” is streaming sounds at “EAMTRADIO – The Place 2B,” Wednesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM. You will hear music from a variety of genres: oldies, jazz, smooth jazz, Motown, blues, R&B… you name, he’ll claim it!

The Sandman–A Man of Many Faces

In between those sounds, listeners can “catch” local and national news, current events and get a “walk through” of ballroom dancing. Guests of the show, will be musicians and bands near and far…so… if you do not have an EAMT RADIO app, get one by clicking here. Once there, click on the link(s) that will take you to an Apple or Google Play store for a FREE download. The app allows a listener to call-in with questions or comments “live” during the show.

Remember the day: Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2 pm: Grab a sandwich and eat “Lunch with the Sandman!” EAMT – The Place 2B!”

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