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DJ and Talk Show Host Set-Up

Home Set-up One Page Website Flyer (Domain name and hosting not included).



Monthly DJ of Talk Show Host Payment

The monthly DJ and talk show host fee is due the first of each month. "Live" broadcasting.



Business or Organization Monthly Broadcasting Fee

Purchase eight (8) hours of talk show hosting for your business or organization. For more than eight (8) hours, scroll up to desired hours. The number two (2) equals 16 hours for $200 and so on.


Broadcast Weekly Worldwide on EAMTRADIO – The Place 2B! Broadcast from the Comfort of Your Home or Office!

A technician will come to your home or office.

The set-up fee includes the cost of the technician, EAMTRADIO announcement, Website page at the initial cost of $100. The monthly fee is $50 for individuals and $100 for businesses or organizations.

Items Needed for Broadcasting by DJ/Talk Host

Microphone and Stand, Head Set, Mixer (Cost around $299), Chords. Used Mixers Can Be Purchased on Ebay.

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