Keeping the memory alive by creating musical “smiles with music” worldwide …


UMME Federation of Proteges … a Subsidiary of Educational Arts Society

The Unsung Musicians

The Federation consists of proteges and music lovers of  those musicians who were unsung, but today are honored and appreciated for their musical contributions as  horn players of Motown … that incredible sound that changed the world …  Future musicians and mentors worldwide who will keep their memory alive…

Pancake 38

What impact will the UMME have on youth in the Detroit area and worldwide?  It will:

  • Serve as a connection to the history of Motown.
  • Become a model for aspiring young artists worldwide.
  • Allow young theater artists to share stories of Motown horn players via radio in numerous countries.
  • Permit proteges to give FREE music lessons to future proteges.
  • Encourage mentors to make monetary and instrumental donations to future artists.
  • Use puppetry as a tool to focus on Motown stories and contributions worldwide.

Duane Parham - Red Coat

The UMME was founded by Saxophonist Duane Parham…

Students learned skill, professionalism and discipline from one of Motown’s greatest trumpeters … Marcus Belgrave … his horn is silent … but his music lives on … 

Carl Small

Protege Master Percussionist and Engineer Carl (Butch) Small

Carl Small, Vice President of Productions, continues to travel worldwide with “The Temptations” and “Four Tops” and share his skills and techniques…


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