A child models the core values taught and seen in life experiences …. 

Core values 2

Educational Arts Society has a “Three-Step Approach” to teaching positive life direction …

Children ask themselves three questions …  


Core values 3

Who am I?


Core values 4

Where am I going?


Core Values 5

How am I going to get there?          

Core Values

Core values are an essential element …



A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery

 Mission Statement

A Three-Step Approach to Life Discovery provides a pathway of self-discovery, self-analysis, and self-development to youth from adolescence to adulthood that will aid them in making positive career choices, setting meaningful life goals, achieving those goals and establishing sound relationships.

Core values 6

Module One answers the question “Who am I?” by allowing the student to use his present vision and perception of himself as identification, but progressively moves him through a process of self-analysis that gives a new and increased view of himself upon completion. 

Module Two answers the question “Where am I going?” by directing thought through a process of goal-setting, self-direction, investigation of life choices, selection of a temporary career, and by actually walking through career choices by tapping into positive family, community and peer activities and organizations.

Module Three answers the question “How will I get there?” through student practice and engagement by aligning himself with values that require commitment, acceptance of responsibility, performance of exercises that build self-esteem, exploration of what it means to feel safe and enjoy life, and identification of destructive behaviors and consequences.  Self-evaluation occurs at the end of each module, but is an integral part of each module throughout its entirety.  Click here to view the program.




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