One of the wisest generations in the twenty-first century, are seniors, which many cultures have labeled “thrown-away.”  


Senior Living


Saxophonist Duane Parham admires their experience and honors their wisdom …


Senior Listening & Living

Parham’s visits are eagerly awaited and appreciated.  He also feels a sense of gratitude when he sees the expressions on their faces as he enters the auditorium.


Seniors and music

Music is the medicine of soul.  Many terminally-ill patients have found comfort in songs about love and life … 


Facts about seniors and music:

  • Triggers memory and emotions.
  • Improves Awareness and Concentration
  • Prevents Many Patients from Shutting Down and Escaping Life and Reality.
  • Generates Social Interaction.
  • Increases Mobility and Co-ordination and Relieves Tension.




Pastor Alfred Doss



Cost:  $150 to $250 Per Musician

Can you create a song in a senior’s heart  or … rhythm in a senior’s step?

Click here with your gift of love. 



The “little lady” (Aunt Mabel) seated, lived to be almost 100 years old, but her grand-nieces surrounding her, clung to the wisdom and understanding she gave them.  Nurturing is part of successful human development … let’s cherish our seniors.

Duane Parham - Red Coat

Are you looking for a place for Mom?  Select one where “live” music is part of the services provided … 


Seniors and music 2


It provides a total “brain workout.” Along with reducing anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, listening to music can improve sleep quality, mental alertness, mood, and memory …

Saxophonist Duane Parham & Seniors


Educational Arts Society (EAS) provides nursing facilities with musicians by:

  • Contacting facilities desiring “live” music for seniors.
  • Contacting musicians desiring to play at nursing facilities.
  • Serving as a go-between musicians and facilities.
  • Arranging with musicians to donate 40% of their services.
  • Musicians are paid by EAS. 
  • Facilities and musicians may contact EAS for services.
  • Donors may help pay musicians to play at senior homes.
  • Contact email:


seniors and music 5

Click here with your gift of love.   They need your support.



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