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“The best thing I did was place a saxophone in the hands of my boys!”


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When supported by love, discipline and accountability, children find playing an instrument enables them to “mix” more effectively with others and increases their self-esteem.

saxophone 2

Educational Arts Society is devoted to giving every child who expresses the desire to earn an instrument the opportunity to do so.




The violin … some say is the closest thing to the human voice … others say …the saxophone is the closest, both touch your soul.



Music has a healing effect.  Playing an instrument is an explosive expression of humanity.


Polaroid A700 picture

Creating a smile with music …

Duane & Handicap Child

With help … this little guy can do it too …


When this six-year-old held the saxophone for the first time, his face lit up with joy and excitement!  His Mom says he pressures her each week to get him to his lessons.


Placing an instrument in the “hands of a child” is why we give FREE instruments!  Will you help by donating a new or used instrument.  This is a small gift for you … but can set a child’s life in the right direction.  Can you give?

Cost:  $100 – $500.  Click here.




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