Making the sounds of Motown, the echos of today … 

Reaching out to a new generation about the rich music history of Detroit … listen to the sounds of the 1970s…


children together


As heart-warming as the many Motown songs are … they are incomplete without the instrumentation–without the horns of musicians who were never honored–musicians like the ones listed below …

Maurice Davis Trumpet 2

Maurice Davis

Funk Brothers

The Funk Brothers

Eli Fontaine 3

Eli Fontaine

Guys like Eli Fontaine, Maurice Davis and the Funk Brothers help to solidify that sound and have been called “the unsung musicians of the Motown empire” …

The documentary, “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire,”created by Saxophonist Duane Parham pays tribute to these unsung heroes …


It has impacted several communities with viewings in city libraries and locations–locations like...


Kalamazoo Library Small

Kalamazoo Library

Detroit Main Library100_9981

Detroit Main Library

Rochester Library

Rochester Hills Library

Assist us in taking the documentary to Detroit area schoolsbecome a donor

Need: $300.00 per school 



Help us wrap Motown artists and their music around the hearts of children worldwide … 



DVD Unsung Musicians Doc.We would like to bring the documentary to your venue or organization, let us know how …

Flyer Unsung Fundraiser

Contact us @ or call 248 599 – 2827


CEO Walter Parham Pays Tribute to Paradise Valley



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