Director of Board

Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant
Dr. Iyanla VanzantInternationally acclaimed Iyanla Vanzant joins the Board of Directors at Educational Arts Society, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization that has as its mission to “help aspiring young artists develop professional and artistic skills in art, music and theater while increasing self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence and responsibility.”
 Rev. Dr. Vanzant’s life exhibits unfathomable courage, determination, persistence and perseverance, which is a model for children across America and the world.  She has earned the respect and admiration of many, generating a well-earned tagline:  One of America’s Most Profound Spiritual Leaders. Laced with empathy and understanding, she speaks with authority, candidacy and sometimes abruptness, as she tells clients how to “fix their lives.”
 Many laurels and accolades describe the contributions Dr. Vanzant has brought to the forefront of inner and higher levels of thought.  Lives have been placed on a pathway to self-respect and self-discovery, while relationships have been cemented in love and partnership.   She has published 15 books, 5 of which are best-sellers, giving her a platform as an inspirational speaker, legal advocate, spiritual teacher, author, life coach and television personality. Her educational background includes attending Medgar Evers College and Virginia Union University, a Juris Doctorate from City University of New York School of Law, and becoming an ordained minister.
 In the year 2000, Ebony Magazine gave her the distinction of being one of the “100 most influential Black Americans” and Alpha Kappa Alpha selected her as an honorary member.  Television has been a centerpiece for Dr. Vanzant’s world acclaim, offering such exposure as Iyanla, a TV series from 2001 – 2002; Starting Over, Life Coach – 2004 – 2006; Oprah’s Life Class – OWN Network, 2011 – present; Iyanla, Fix My Life – OWN Network, 2012 – present; guest appearances on popular shows such as:  Tavis Smiley, Moesha, The Chris Rock Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Anderson Live, Super Soul Sunday, The Dr. Oz Show and Oprah Prime. 
 Inner visions, an Institute of Spiritual Development, was founded by Dr. Vanzant in 1998.  It has a diverse curriculum, classes with a foundation based in spiritual principles and laws, and seeks to generate personal growth and spiritual evolution.  It is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and practices divine awareness and religious tolerance.  Key ingredients behind the philosophy of Inner Visions, are discipline of the mind, spiritual awareness and devotion to a positive life purpose.
 Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant brings to Educational Arts Society a multiplicity of resources:  wisdom, invaluable life experiences, strong sense of legality, admirable work ethnic and a solid moral foundation.  We are delighted and over-whelmed by her addition to our Board of Directors, and look forward to a successful and extended relationship.

Dr. Vanzant Responds:

Hi Mamie Smith,

 Thank you for your precious time and efforts, I am so overwhelmed at what you did and how you did so perfectly well in arranging my profile, this suits all criteria and I recommend your effort and efficiency.

There is no need to add any more information, as I find the article very perfect. Meanwhile, I would love for you to connect with me as soon as you publish your article and feed me with other vital information. I would love to be 100% committed with the organization.
Thanks and God bless,

CEO and Founder  of Educational Arts Society, Walter Duane Parham II


We welcome Iyanla Vanzant!  She’s one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and TV personalities, and . . . we are the recipient of all of that knowledge and experience!







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