Putting Music Back into the Hearts of Children

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

E.A.S., Inc. is committed to the personal, creative, and professional development of aspiring young artists.  We provide programs that develop professional and artistic skills in art, music and theater while increasing self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence, responsibility and commitment, thereby enabling them to establish clear pathways to life direction and make meaningful contributions to society.

Our goal is to develop a network of resources that young artists can positively explore which will allow them to take advantage of a range of opportunities that traditionally may not have been available to them.


E.A.S. seeks to implement a new Mentoring Ship Program that increases positive motivation in youth and adults faced with social and emotional dilemmas, thereby encouraging and guiding them into activities and experiences that establish sound ethical and moral values.


  • To promote the value of music education in our community
  • To bring music back to all our Detroit Public Schools
  • To teach the elementary stages of recording (Pro Tools etc….)
  • To encourage problem solving (overcoming personal dilemmas)
  • To build self-esteem and increase self-awareness
  • To establish an artistic approach for infusing culture into the secular society that insures hope for all
  • To provide musical instruments to the underprivileged children and young adults in the Detroit and the Metropolitan Area
  • To employ skills and resources in order to provide for social, cultural, and economic needs of the community through music arts development
  • To establish a fund to design and erect a historical statue in honor of music executive Berry Gordy, Jr. for his indelible accomplishments with Motown Records and Esther Gordy for her accomplishment with Motown Records and preserving Motown Historical Museum (with their permission)
  • To establish and provide an accredited school of the performing arts-Parham’s Academy for the Perfoming Arts (PAPA).


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