Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio

EAMT – The Place 2 Be!

Educational Arts Music & Talk   debuted  Sunday, November 16, 2014.  It makes its home at Shoutcast where music from Itunes is heard throughout the world.  Educational Arts Music & Talk will create its own selection of music, artists and talk show hosts across America on topics relating to  music, sports, news, talk, and … a variety of situations and themes.  Keep watch . . . and let it become your favorite spot for music and talk.

As we develop and grow this station, we recognize that your connection is key to that development, so keep us on your smart phone and tablet.

If you have not found us yet . . .  here we are again!  

Several talk shows covering topics from music to religion reach the air waves of EAMTRADIO.  Hosts Duane Parham, Dr. Mamie Smith, Master G and Sister Celeste delight audiences worldwide with informative and inspirational stories.  

The Schedule 


The Duane Parham Show – Daily – 12am – 8am

Celebrity Interviews –  Wednesdays – 10am -11am &  1opm – 11pm

Early Morning Inspiration & Motivation – Sundays – 8 am – 9am

Testify with Sister Celest’ – Sundays – 10:00 am – 11am

Testify with Sister Celest’ – Sundays – 7pm – 8pm

Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith – Sundays – 5pm – 6pm 

Master G – Thursdays – 7pm – 9pm


Problems Getting Eamtradio?  Download Tune-in App!  


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  1. Greetings from the COLONEL…How you all today. Just saw this page and just to let you know I did. EAMTRADIO>COM is the Place2Be..

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  2. Music is a way of life. Your particular season is the rhythm you go by. Keep the beat and share with others SUCCESS.


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