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We Are Instruments, Art and Theater

Music, art and theater are rewarding in and of themselves. They enlarge one’s vision of life, expand the outreach to others and amplify the inner self! Remember your last trip to a museum or a concert hall? How did it make you feel? Can you still feel the tingle you got when you stared into the face of a Rembrandt or Van Gogh, or swayed to the beat of your favorite song? Help a child develop this feeling or learn an artistic skill to help someone else develop it.

Investing in a child is aiding him in building positive relationships, establishing discipline, commitment and empathy. John Coltrane says, “If you want to be a better musician, become a better person.” EAS says, “If you want to become a better person, become a better musician.” Music unleashes the creative juices, sparks the imagination and unfolds the petals of beauty within the soul. Because it touches your soul, you are able to touch someone else’s.

EAS is that beauty, art and soul for every child left without experiencing them, because public schools can no longer offer them. The curriculum-cutting knife caused the elimination, and you have a chance to restore it. Invest in a child means investing in yourself, your future . . . your experience. Let a child’s experience . . . begin with you!

  • One time donation

    Music links a child to the enjoyment of group participation and builds positive relationships. Your donation contributes to this, and also encourages self-expression and appreciation skills.

  • Monthly Donation

    Decide what you think a child should experience when he uses music and art to broaden his view of life and . . . make your monthly contribution. Donate and end the “artistic drain!”

  • Investor

    Music and art build cognitive skills, critical thinking and a heightened sense of awareness. Invest now !